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Decorating the Ainsworth Display for Christmas 2020

Photos by Sheila Williams

On Dec. 12th the Board of Directors (Ulli Vogler, Dan Jackson, Judith Halliday, Robert Babcock, Peter Mayr, Marianne Lawrence, Mal Wood, and Sheila Williams - missing were Tanya Guenther, Audrey Green and Fred Notheisz) got together and decorated the Ainsworth Display.

Everyone was Covid aware and wore masks and used hand sanitizer.

It was a lot of fun and when it was all done Ulli treated us to a piece of Carol's delicious apple pie.

It looked beautiful.  Well done everyone!


The Arrival of The Game Warden Cabin - July 2016

Photos by Sheila Williams and Monika Paterson

Sherrif's Office & Jail

Photos by Sheila Williams

One of the directors on the 100 Mile House & District Historical Society – Mal Wood – found these old jail bars in the Clydesdale Barn and asked about them.  The bars came from an old jail in 100 Mile House and were brought here and stored.

Garry Babcock who played a huge part in getting the 108 Heritage to where it is today, had always hoped that one day the jail could be erected here at the Heritage Site.  Mal said, “Challenge accepted” and from there he came by during the winter months in 2019 and into 2020 and started to put it together in the Clydesdale Barn.  It will be used as a fundraiser when we have special events where you can have someone thrown in jail and someone will have to pay a small fee to get them out… or not.

It was ready for viewing in May when we opened the buildings for the season.  So far it has been a great success.  The fellow who is in jail is holding a piece of paper asking for donations so he can make bail.  There is a slot next to the Sheriff’s door for donations.  If Mal is on site when you visit you might be able to convince him to have someone locked up for a while.

Canada Day 2016

Photos by Barry Porter

Canada Day 2013

Photos by Monika Paterson

Moving the Church - 2007