Why Become A Member?

As a member of the Historic Society you are showing your support for your community's heritage. Becoming a member is an action that you have chosen to take as a declaration of your passion for the history and heritage of the area that you live in. All of our members have the opportunity to provide our society with valuable input and any ideas that they have for improving the 108 Heritage Site.

Why We Need Members

As a non-profit society it is essential that we have members in order to continue to exist. Our membership numbers show that we have the support of the community which enables us to apply for monetary grants. The continued growth of our membership numbers increases our chances of being approved for these grants.

What You Will Receive as a Member

  • Membership cards
  • Invitations to our monthly meetings
  • Digital copies of all meeting agendas and minutes (if you want them)
  • Discounts on select gift shop items
  • Reduced membership cost for each recurring year you remain a member
  • The proud feeling of supporting the history and heritage of your community!
  • $25 off all site rentals

100 Mile and District Historical Society Membership Form

In Person or Mail

If you prefer to pay in person or by mail, you can print out the pdf version of our membership form.

Print a Membership Form


Payments are processed through PayPal. No account is required.