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Anglican Worship with Communion Service

August 28 at 11 am
Everyone welcome!
Pot Luck picnic afterwards for those who wish to join.  Bring something to share at the picnic if you like.

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The 108 Mile Heritage Site is a collection of buildings dating from the mid-1800s to the mid-twentieth century which chronicle the Cariboo gold rush of the 1860s.


Our members provide our society with valuable input and ideas for improving the 108 Heritage Site. If you have a passion for the history and heritage of the area that you live in, we'd love to have you as a member!


Help clean up the site in preparation for a new summer, or assist with events such as our Canada Day Celebration. The 108 Heritage Site would not exist without volunteers!


As a non-profit organization we depend on your generous donations in order to keep our society and the Heritage Site functioning. Donations help us pay for repairs, host events for our community, and pay the wages of our summer labourers.


108 Heritage Site

Your visit to the 108 Heritage site will take you back to the good old days of the famous Mile Houses on the Cariboo Wagon Road. The 105 Mile Roadhouse was originally located on D.L. 80 on the old Cariboo Wagon Road, across from the old 105 Mile Post House barn that is still there. The house was moved to íts present location in 1979 when the new highway threatened to destroy it. There are 7 other buildings original to the site including a Log Clydesdale Barn. The largest log barn in Canada (circa 1908).
108 Heritage Site
108 Heritage SiteSaturday, August 27th, 2016 at 10:10am
Artifact of the week #9

Sunlight soap

In the kitchen we have a bar of barely used sunlight soap. This was used for doing laundry with a washboard.
108 Heritage Site
108 Heritage SiteSaturday, August 20th, 2016 at 10:05am
Artifact of the week #8

Hot Clothes Picker

This was used while doing the laundry to pick the clothes out of the hot water so you wouldn't burn your hands.
108 Heritage Site
108 Heritage SiteTuesday, August 16th, 2016 at 10:27am
Anglican Worship with Communion Service at the 108 Heritage Site on August 28 at 11 am
Everyone welcome

There will be a pot luck picnic afterwards
Everyone is welcome
Bring something for the picnic if you like
108 Heritage Site
108 Heritage SiteSaturday, August 13th, 2016 at 10:04am
Artifact of the week #7


This was used to press water out of large pieces of fabric such as table clothes and sheets. This one was also used in the 105 Mile House when the McNeil family occupied the house from 1905 till 1916.
108 Heritage Site
108 Heritage SiteFriday, August 12th, 2016 at 4:38pm
The ladies from the 108 Heritage Site. Three of our young ladies, Christianne, Ashley and Lara are leaving soon to go back to school and they will be greatly missed. Hopefully your lovely smiling faces will return next year. Kaitlyn will be staying on for a little while longer and that is great It has been a pleasure to work with all of you. Good luck with your studies ladies.